Engage for the Future Scholarship

The application process for 2024 has now concluded. 2025 application window opens February 15th 2025 and ends April 15th 2025.

Thank you for your interest in the Pickaway County Democratic Scholarship Club Program. Our scholarship program is intended to expand your ability to engage in and improve communities. The application will be based on submission of a project that describes your concept of engaging with democracy and community.

Your application will enter you in an opportunity for a one-time scholarship award of at least $300. This scholarship can be applied to developmental learning experiences after graduation from high school.

Do you have a special interest you would like to pursue with further learning? Going off to college or trade school? Any of these will qualify you enter to receive one of these competitive awards.

This is the second annual ENGAGE FOR THE FUTURE scholarship award. One non- partisan scholarship will be awarded to a high school senior in each of the four public school systems in Pickaway County. Each award will be for at least $300 and can be applied to a formal learning situation of your choice. This may be, for example; art classes, ceramics classes, college tuition, music lessons, horseback riding lessons, tech school tuition, guitar lessons, master gardener training, fitness training, chef school, etc. As part of the application process the intended use of the funds will be specified. Funds will be issued directly to the organization/school you identified in your application on your behalf. You will be contacted 6 months after the award to give us a report on your experience. These scholarships are made possible through the generosity of donors to the Pickaway County Democratic Party and the Pickaway County Democratic Scholarship Club and grants obtained for this purpose.

To be eligible, applicants must be:

  1. A senior year student in good standing in one of the four public school systems in Pickaway County.
  2. Enrolled in or planning enrollment with an organization to develop a skill, special interest, or learning experience within six months of graduation.

How to Enter

  1. Complete an application. You will need a Google account to use the form.
  2. Create a project for submission that conveys your understanding of community engagement, support of democracy, and/or civic responsibility.
    • The project can take the form of visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography, video), music, poetry, live performance (with a written script), or an essay.
  3. Submit your project. If it can be submitted digitally you can upload it on the application form, otherwise submit a written or photo description with your application no later than April 15. Please do NOT include your name or other personally identifiable information in files that you submit, only on the form.

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Projects will be evaluated by a group of a minimum of 3 individuals from the Pickaway County Community. The creator’s identity will not be shared with evaluators.
  2. Evaluation will consist of a score for each of the following:
    • Message—inspiring and captures the spirit of community engagement.
    • Creativity—a fresh representation of the concepts of community values and the importance of being supportive of the community.
    • Design—components are assembled in a meaningful way.
    • Presentation—whatever medium you choose, is the meaning conveyed. A total of 25 points will be awarded in each category by each evaluator.
  3. The project with the highest score in each public school district will be the winner.

Background of ENGAGE FOR THE FUTURE Scholarship Program

The Pickaway County Democratic Party understands that young people coming of age as members of the voting population in the United States of America and the state of Ohio are the future of democracy. This program is intended to encourage high school seniors to reflect upon ways to improve and strengthen their communities, and the positive impact one individual can have. Democracy is enhanced when people, especially young people, register and vote when eligible. The application will be based on submission of a project that describes the applicant’s concept of engaging with democracy and community. Winners will be announced as part of the school end-of-year honors program. All entrants will be recognized with a letter and certificate. Pickaway County Democratic Party reserves the right to use the project or excerpts from the project in our social media and/or promotional materials. If used in such a manner, credit and acknowledgement will be given to the author/creator.

The Pickaway County Democratic Party would like to thank our generous scholarship donors. Their endowments have funded the 2024 Engage for the Future scholarship fund in honor of the late Karen Bensonhaver. Karen dedicated her life to helping students, and we can think of no better way to honor her memory.

Contact: Carolyn Loxley