Central & Exectutive Committee Members

Pickaway County Democratic Party
Central & Executive Committees

The Pickaway County Democratic Party is governed by the Central Committee which in turn confers all power and authority upon the Executive Committee pursuant to the party's constitution and by-laws.

Every two years (in even-numbered years) during the primary election, each of the 43 voting precincts in the county elect one person to represent their respective precinct on the central committee. Following the election, the Central Committee members meet, organize and elect officers to lead the party for the next two years.


Chairperson - Carolyn Loxley
Vice-Chair - Paul Hastings
Secretary -
Treasurer - Amber Mayle

Central & Executive Committee

Stephanie Holsinger

Scioto South

Jeanette Gerhart

Circleville South

Brad Cotton

Pickaway East

Jesseca LoConti

Circleville 1A

Michael Frost

Circleville 1C

Dia Hildenbrand

Circleville 2B

Anne Canan

Circleville 3A

Cameron Jones

Circleville 3B

Paul Hastings

Deercreek / Williamsport

Susan Welsh

Jackson Township

Marsha Few

Washington South

Carolyn Loxley

Darbyville / Muhlenberg

Amber Mayle

Scioto Northeast

Sharon Crosby

Saltcreek North / Tarlton

Cathy Sapp

South Bloomfield North

Executive Committee at-Large

Bob Bensonhaver

Jim McCoy

Loretta Palmer